Znojmo returned to positive self-worth. I have a league, says Žondra

When he receives a pass on the ground, he is hunted by the opponent’s defenders. If he jumps, he picks up a few elbow strikes in the air to change. “In the autumn, one boy from Sokolov gave me a knee and broke my rib,” he recounts his lethal soccer being attacker Libor Žondra.

In the initial spring battles, however, the Zolojmo squad had to go without their key warrior. 25-year-old Žondra hampered the preparation of broken teeth in the ankle. “But his return to gaming was unexpectedly fast,” says Ludevit Grmel, a Znojmo coach.

That’s why, for the first time in the spring, 191 centimeters high spikes have been put in front of home fans since the opening minute. But even his performance on Varnsdorf was not enough, Znojmo lost 0: 1. “The performance shown was not bad.We had a lot of hints but we did not have the emphasis on lime, “a sad Znojmo giant.

The unfortunate guest standard from the 59th minute was a defeat. The ball was fluttering in the Znojem network after the crash. Author of goal? Home owner Pavel Dreksa, patriot. “When I saw the boys in the booth, I was sorry. I have nothing to read on them, “says Grmela coach.

Although his team has fallen for the fourth time since the last five matches, there is no reason to panic in Znojmo. On the twelfth, they have a comfortable 10-point lead in the first descent position.

And the Znojmo return between the league elite is not the topic of the day. Blueberries on the front lose 17 points. “Our goals are so calm to finish the competition.Finally, get to the home stadium and make the most of the points in front of your own fans, “says the Znojmo coach.

The South Moravians are so delighted to have a complete squad. “We were still dealing with cards and injuries, it was crazy. Finally, we can think of something with the set, “remarks Grmela, who does not even declare any goals in the final second-league settlement. “It is more important for our young boys to learn how to win.”

The players are also motivated to look for motivation. “It’s not difficult. We have bonuses, we want to make money on vacation, “says Žondra. “And we definitely do not want to end thirteen.We’re about to be around eighth-ninth. “

In addition, the first-engagement engagement might be a driving force for Znojmo’s drivers. It is precisely the prototype of a high goal striker, such as Žondra, the desired article on the Czech market. “I have an ideal age, performance is not bad either,” says the Znojmo hell. “I probably have a league, but somebody has to take me. I will not call and offer nowhere, “he laughs with the suther who gave Znojmo seven goals in the second league this year.

His account would like to multiply. “Get four more goals to be a two-digit figure,” says Zondra. “Then make some points to be in the middle of the table and not hurt,” he adds.

Words about health are not a phrase for him.The very frequent injuries of the former HFK Olomouc Forward are often overwhelming. “It’s a bit of a sandwich, it’s all down,” says Grmela, who also sees the shortcomings in the game. “Tactics must be more customized. He is such a self-worth, but very positive. He will not be discouraged. After the game, you can see how he is drowned. But he does not do science, he pursues it, the day he heals and he is fit. “

A prolific warrior has also worked on his nausea. While there were eight yellow cards in the autumn, he had none for the three spring starts. “I used to cut it enough.Now I know that if I’m late, I’m not going to fight, “admits an attacker who had won the Zbrojovka last year.

Will the next first-round offer come to Znojmo for the good-natured giant after the season?