Vukadinov was pleased to return his previous defeats to his brother

The match between Mladá Boleslav and Zlín online vedonlyonti was not just a duel between the teams from the first bars of the table but also a duel between the brothers. The best was Zlin Vukadin Vukadinovich, who, unlike Miljana played, and with a goal participated in the surprising win of the guests 2: 1.

vedonlyöntipörssi “We were fighting with our brother in the week. “I was telling him that I was a good guy and I was glad to have returned it and we won”, Vukadinovic was pleased with an interview with journalists.

After the shotgun he even showed the shirt he had hidden under the jersey. “I knew family and friends would be watching us at home, the message for the trick was for them, I wanted to surprise them, but what I wrote for me.That’s why I wrote it in Serbian, “he added.

Zlin won the MOL Cup over Sparta Wednesday. ” We are experiencing such a dream week, first winning Sparta And now in Mladá Boleslav. But today we were lucky. Especially in the first half we survived a lot of chances Boleslav had. If he added a second or even third goal, we took the debacle from here. In the second half we managed to punish domestically. I’m glad we moved back to the front of the table thanks to these three points, “Vukadinovic said.

Mladá Boleslav stadium Vukadinovic is sitting.He has already scored against Hradec Králové, who played several home games in the reconstruction of his own stadium. “It was very similar to a goal and even to the same goal, it would be the gate, it testifies to me” > Zlín smiled.

Zlín has won the game mainly because of his productivity. In the second half, his players sent out two goals on the goal of Mladá Boleslav and both ended with a goal. “I did not even know that it was, I’m glad that it ended up and we managed to win, so we played such games as Bohemka when we made fifteen shots per goal. But we did not change the odds but the match ended 1: 1.If we are productive just like today and in the rest of the season, I believe we will still play some points, “concluded a Serbian midfielder.