Vitalij Klicko defended the WBC title, Nemec Charr withdrew four rounds

MOSCOW – Vitalij Klicko (41) in Moscow defended the heavy weight category of the WBC.German challenger Manuel Charra (27) fought a technical knockout after four rounds when the ring referee after communicating with the doctor ended the fight for big headache.

Vitalij Kličko best bet offers “/ cacheImg / obr / 86px / manuel-charr-8-september-67029.jpg” title = “Manuel Charr” height = “86” /> betting offer / 86px / vitalij-klicko-8-september-67032.jpg” title = “Vitalij Kličko” alt = “Vitalij Kličko” “86” /> Manuel Charr and Vitalij Klicko

 Manuel Charr

  • Klicko poslal Charra k zemi
  • The first round brought a traditional” tapping “box, Ukrainian sports betting offers champion.Charr just retreated in front of him and could not hit his opponent. The most prominent was to gong, but he was right now.

    In the second sequel he even called Klička to strike what Vitali with joy used. A few strokes, however, made Nemec, but mostly he resisted with gloves on his face.And just before the second gong came the first countdown when Charr ended up on the floor.

    is in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and plans to end the box with success.He did not find the bettor since 2003 and has already won the 45th triumph in the 47th match. His younger brother Vladimir owns the master belts in the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO versions.

    Charr has suffered the first loss in a professional ring, hitherto won 21 duels (of which 11 ko)

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    Unfortunately, the match could not continue because of Manuel’s injury. > I’m a little disappointed, and I wanted to win a good knockout rather than a technical one, and Charr and I were ready to continue the match, but the doctor and the referee said it was over.” said Klicko.

    ” In the first two rounds Charr focused mainly on defense and it was a bit harder for me. I prefer when the opponent tries to fight. In the third and fourth rounds he began to attack a little, opening up for me more space for more precise interventions. Charr is a real warrior. He was ready to resist to the end.I think this loss will not stop him and in the future he will get a chance to have a great boxing career, “added Vitali.

    ” I wanted to attack in the second half of the match , so was my plan, “ said Charr.