The Trophy Team on year to Greece

BRATISLAVA. From 82nd edition of the International Six Day motorcycle competition (ISDE) in the port city of La Serena in Chile yesterday returned to his homeland two successful Slovak teams that competed in club competition.

Slovakia Young Team composed Zlatko Novosad, Juraj Dozsa and Peter Králik has reached a great secondthe place. “We did not expect such a result,” Peter Šmižík, President of the Slovak Motorcycle Federation, said on Sunday evening’s welcome in Bratislava, adding: “We were a bit better than the Slovak Team, but they only ended up at the bottom.” Czechoslovakia only once club club Slovakia team II composed by Jaroslav Katriňák, Ján Hrehor and Radek Matoška at ISDE 1994 in Oklahoma won.

The youngest participant of the Slovak Young Team was the 23-year-old Rabbit. “It was my first six-day start and a great new experience. Previously, I started the most on two-day races, and it grew by two hundred percent. I was worried.That’s why I rode mainly on security. I gave very careful to me with my motorcycle GAS-GAS 300 nothing happened. “

Manager youths was 22-year-old Zuzana Onhajzerová. The motorcycle is not far, “From childhood summers moves together with the parents in this area. We also trade of motorcycles and accessories, so I know the professional issues. “Is there a difference when the manager of a man or a woman? “Regardless of gender, but on what you can for us manager or manager to do.La Serena to Zuzana all managed, moreover, we managed to create a certain comfort when we prepare breakfast every morning, “quipped 27-year-old Novosad.

This year’s six-day Chile organized in style over a large area, in large tents, large spaces, but organizers have big problems with the processing of the results. “Not for one jury meeting did not produce results timekeepers finished.He worked on them a 120-member team of Italians from Bergamo, but last year in New Zealand, the Slovak timekeepers far outperformed, “said Smižík. “The second negative, against which we protested on the spot and we even officially at the World Federation of protest was that the end of the event declared the winner only club competitions, there are other two teams that ended medal winners. To the boys, of course, annoyed. “

Slovakia Team composed Katriňák, Matoška a Ivan Jakeš finished in bronze rung. “For me it was a great preparation for this year’s Dakar Rally (5th-20thJanuary), “the most experienced representatives of the Slovak 41-year-old Katriňák. “It rode on the track near the coastline, of which we saw the Chilean snowy mountains. I expected more green, but prevailed sand, rocks, cactus passage. “

Management SMF minds already on next season. “This time we will send in September in Greece, which are allocated following the Six-Day year, representative Trophy Team. “We have to participate in order not to lose contact with competitors.”

Slovakia can not have a great competition, large eyes. “Competition is growing rapidly.With technology and material support we can no longer count or with placing in tenth place. Riding base in the world is strong, now comes mainly from overseas, from Chile, Colombia, we are still less able to competitively, “said the now manager of Team Slovakia Hrehor.”