The NHL punishes rage. Did you sue the judge? Stop for 10 games and a million fines

The referee must be protected and the NHL leadership knows it. Antoine Vermete’s Forward of Anaheim was therefore given an automatic ten-minute distance for the Minnesota ice-hockey match on Tuesday’s ice-hockey match. The first punishment in his thirteen-year career will be a thirty-four-year-old Canadian with a salary of $ 97.222 ($ 2.5 million). Vermette hit a bar referee from behind in the third third shortly after a mid- Which he lost. The attacker, who does not pay for any storm, seems to be pissed off by the fact that he was shooting the puck before he had the ice hockey ready.

I seemed to have been the gunman before, and Vermette then slapped his stick…He will not want to hurt him, “defended Ducks coach Randy Carlyle.

Vermette can appeal to the NHL commissioner and eventually an independent arbiter against the suspension, if the Stanley Cup Champion with 2015 In the current form, will be out of play until the Anaheim duel against the best Washington 12 team.March

VIDEO: Look at the incident report


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