The Crow bites another loss in the final: It’s sad. Perhaps I will soon break it

The big final battles remembers a few but has not won yet. For Vítkovice, for Lev Prague and now for Sparta. Hockey striker Petr Vrána has a bad luck, he has not broken his silver curse even in the final of the ice hockey league. He was on the ice when Frölund decided to play a great drama. “We believed in the extension, but it did not work out. Maybe we could play it better, unfortunately. We are disappointed, “said the striker after the match.

The great drama for you has not finished well. Frölunda decided to extend the final, which could have happened anyway. Do you agree, however, that it was more than a dignified ending in the Champions League season? “We have played a decent game.In the third third we played them, they had a big problem playing with us. Unfortunately we did not change the chances and lost in the lead. That’s how it is. It’s sad, losing such a goal is a terrible shame. But unfortunately…”

What do you say about the game? In the second third you did not get anywhere, in the third you were cheering Frölund again…
“It’s probably the shame of those exclusions in the first third. We got them in five, they got self-confidence. Power plays really good. I think that if we played more than five in the match, or perhaps the first third, maybe it all looked different. When we started playing in the third, we had problems. There was a shame that we did not change the chance.We’ve had a lot of them…”

Despite the unfortunate end, but eventually you probably have to evaluate your work in the Champions League positively, is not it?
” It’s terribly demanding, That we have shown that we can play hockey. On the way to the final, we defeated the top rivals, and with Frölunda we played more than a balanced match. She decided to extend it, fifty to fifty. It was up to them. “

Playing an extension of three to three was twenty minutes. It was probably clear to him that he decided earlier, did not he? “” We did not know exactly how to play it for so long. But if someone tells you to play twenty minutes three to three, it’s really crazy. Five minutes as in extralize can stand, but twenty? It’s a little crazy now.I think such a final should be played five to five until the decision. But it’s the regulation of the competition, so we have to take it. “

You were on the ice with a decisive goal, you were pretty tight, you could not get a puck, did you?
” It was exactly the opposite As we planned. We wanted to be on the reel and move around because our bench was at their belt, but we lost the reel and it was the opposite. It’s tough, they closed us for a minute thirty, before the gateway came a pass and happily pushed it there. Maybe we should have done it better…”

For you, it’s another hard defeat in the finals. You have Silver with Vítkovice or Lion Praha. When will you break your curse?
“I hope soon.I have not tried to think about it…And unfortunately. “