Slovan before retaliation in Dublin with a one-goal lead

BRATISLAVA – The soccer players of Bratislava, ŠK Slovan, will arrive on Thursday at 19:00 CET on the retaliatory match of the 2nd European League against UC Dublin. In the first encounter, the home team was victorious over the Irish squad with the smallest difference of 1: 0 when the only goal scored by Adam Zreľák at his conclusion. of the chances to score only once. The run of the duel affected the exclusion of Nicolas Gorosita in the first half, the Argentine slider of Slovan was defeated by the rough foul on defender Benson. The weakened Slovan, however, fought to the end and rewarded him with the goal of Zrelak in 84 minutes. “Due to the development 1: 0 a good result.We did not want to collect and we did. Pity redundant card, then we were hardly conquered by our opponent’s defense. But we were right to win. The opponent did not surprise us, we expected him to conquer the whole game. I repeat the damage of the red card and the 1: 0 rebound is a good result, “said coach Slovan Dušan Tittel after the game, who is from the beginning of the week already the official head coach of the club when the technical section of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ) has extended his coaching license, so Tittel as the general manager of “Belashy” can already be coached as a coach.

The fourth round of the Fortuna leagues on the ViOn-Zlaté Moraviec playground was a Sunday for the Bratislavans.Slovan won 2: 1 when Tamás Priskin and Kornel Salata were enrolled in his jersey. “We are very pleased to have won the opening match, even though we knew that we were not expecting a lightweight encounter, it was harder for us to have no information about the opponent. and I think they will be a hard opponent for everybody in the league, “ rated the Tittel match.

In the case of Dublin, Slovan is waiting for a challenging opponent in the 3rd round. The European Football Union (UEFA) has ranked Bratislava in the hierarchy of the 3rd Championship between non-assembled teams in the, which finally attributed him to FK Krasnodar, who finished in third place in the last season of the Russian League. “We are expecting a very unpleasant team in the event of a UC Dublin tournament, with a large number of foreign players, and in the last season of the Russian leagues finished third only with the CSKA Moscow score, and in the first match on his ground would we expect heavy climatic conditions “ said Tittel.

The Dublin Quarter duel will be playing at the UCD Bowl with a capacity of 3000 seats.

< Slovan Bratislava (Thursday, 23.

> Corbet – Leahy, Kouogun, Boyle, Langtry – O’Neill – Mulhall, Watts, Benson, Doyle – Swan

Slovan: Mucha – Sekulič, Saláta, Hudák, Podaný – Lásik, Štefánik – Milinkovič, Kubík – Zrelac, Priskin