Slovak skiers go to train in the snow tunnel

Pleso. In the Wednesday, July 15 traveled Slovak representatives in cross-country skiing and Ivan Martin Bajčičák Bátory air to Sweden, where they receive the next part of the preparation for the upcoming Olympic season. Just one day before the trip to the resort Torsby released Michal Malák and Peter Mlynár. The local tunnel in the snow undergo 12-day training cycle.

“When we gave together a program of summer training, we have established that every month at least a couple of days we train on snow. In June we were in Austria on the Dachstein glacier, in August, we will go to the German Oberhof, where they open a new tunnel, “said SITA Martin Bajčičák.Bajčičák congratulates concentration in Austria

The Slovak men’s cross-country skiing unit has returned to the Austrian concentration camp in Austria and has greatly congratulated him. “It was perfect It was just when we were there that it cooled It was snowing on the 22nd of June I had a good day of skiing I had a good day of skiing in the last couple of days I went to all kinds of snow I used all kinds waxes.I was worried it would be worse, but I was pleasantly surprised, “did not hide the joy of high-quality training 33-year-old Martin Bajčičák.

Since returning from the glacier was once again a complete representation of preparing the home conditions to Pleso. “In the past we had long camps away from home and I know that it was physically quite demanding. It just not proven. Therefore, we have now decided to stay at home, where the pressure is nevertheless slightly smaller. We are in an environment that we know well, we have the appropriate conditions. Everything runs in twelve-blocks, while we doing really well, “said a member of SKP Pleso.The tunnels were satisfied and biathletes

In Torsby goes well with their hosting national counterparts for the first time. Last year, a snow tunnel tamojší tried Slovak biathletes and were very satisfied. Not all runners jumping however, have such a positive experience. Winner Series race for the Crystal Globe last season Justyna Kowalczyk from Poland does not want this type of training or hear.

“Let’s try, let’s see,” I will not be discouraged Martin Bajčičák continued, “I know that some athletes it hard to bear. We, completed only one phase per day.We are ready for that in the tunnel will be minus temperature values, we will come out and there may be up to thirty degrees more. We’re taking the special respirators. Supposedly Torsby are in excellent conditions, to other forms of training – roller skis, bikes, casual runs. Myself am curious about this, “he concluded an experienced Slovak national team, which is still the only Slovak men, which boasts a victory in the World Cup race.

The whole design, which is also the coach of men’s national team Peter Bartoň and masseur should be on Slovakia to return on July 27