Skiing: In the new season with new rules

Soelden October 25 (TASR) – By changing again before the new Alpine season garnered rule thirty starters in gliding competitions. In its modified form not decisive times of training, but the order of the FIS-list and I will go by the best athletes in the reverse Fifteen of numbers 8 through 22. However, the first seven will go from 16 to 22, another eight 8-15, other competitors first 30-alkyl, draw the numbers 1-7, respectively. 23-30.The rotating disciplines in their second rounds left already proven inverted version thirties qualifiers, which over two decades was replaced by facing the Fifteen and before top five starters according to the results of the first race.

The speed competitions were the order of competitors is always a big problem. For gradation race once introduced a system of rotating competitions, but what many did not like, so a couple of seasons began in order to determine the same principle final training rides. This, however, brought a variety of speculation, which almost scandalized competition two years ago at the World Championships in Bormio. “I do not know, then all this done, then we see how it works.They try to make skiing for television even more interesting, but the whole that our sport does just comical, “he said when controversial American champion Bode Miller. His mind has demonstrated to own example, when himself in training for downhill” vyšpekuloval “starting number 3, which compared to the high number Austria Favorita turned out to be not only happy, but also RIDING advantageous.Austrians have the strong internal competition could not afford to various “piruetky” and braking before the finish line, while training hard in fighting for four of seat.

Since then, more and more skiers suggested to return to the previous system of granting Starting places by FIS-points. Thus competed best in the discipline of the unit after 30 tku in reverse order and 31 area already normal. The new system somehow copied the old, except that respectively Racers competed on the basis of momentary performance on a particular route the day before the competition.But the catch was that in the fight for an ideal start number more taktizovali and course numbers were about 5 area, once the track was vykĺzaná but not yet broken. On the other hand, on the slopes, which gradually competitors not destroy, while the influence of the sun’s rays accelerated the, in practice it was like hell. His fastest rider had most elite number 30. The entry fee Gotham gave vigorous goodbye to the May decisions commissions FIS in Portoroz, Slovenia. Already, however, critics found the new Austrian-American-German version, which does not smell visual order of elite starters between numbers 8 and 22…