Koukal helped Gabriel to the track: I cracked her, she was crying

DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA He was acting like a golden motivation. Former badmintonist Petr Koukal, with his memories of the defeats and the victory of his professional career, set himself on Friday afternoon in the finish area at the biathlon championship in Hochfilzen to be close to his wife Gabriele. And when they kissed themselves with the fight and the tension they experienced, it was a golden kiss.

What did you say at that moment?
” I cracked her a little, she screamed at me. Tears were there, I suffer somewhat worse than other sports. On my old knees I begin to think of who would not take it, it is world champion. It is stupid that we can no longer say she behaves like a world champion when she is already.”

Where did you race?
” I was on the firing range and went to the hill. I was saying enough. I did not call on the last lap, just prayed for it to come true. “

Did you see the winning power at Gabriele in the evening before the race when she recovered after a challenging mixed relay? > “She said she was biting more than ever, and that it would be like last year when she bit herself and then it did not work. So I said that she was a year older and more experienced, so she left something there. “

How do you explain such a change?
” If she does not believe she’s tired, it’s a good sign.When I see this, I’m happy. “

Did you believe that number 96 in the starting list could be successful?
” When the evening was sad, A good topic. The world wins once at sixty-nine. So now we say: You have it in reverse, it comes out again and then you are calm. “

What is this triumph other than December in Nové Město na Moravě in front of the mass of Czech fans? >
“It is the title that was missing and always wanted to have. I’m glad she did it, because she’s done, and she’s quoted, and there’s only one left and it’s done for a year again. It was a huge motivation, so I tried to talk to her. That if she does, she’s done, and then she’s got one big one ahead of me. “