Good Angels did not have one half time, after the Fenerbahce with the third place

JEKATERINBURG – Good angels Košice basketball players lost to the Final Eight European Championship final in Russian Yekaterinburg in a semifinals match against Turkey’s Fenerbahce Istanbul 56:68 when they did not manage the second round of the game and will play in the final third place. p>

On March 24, Maroš Kováčik’s greetings with the French Bourges Basket will be measured. In the second semifinal meeting, UMMC Ekaterinburg 44:73 smoothly beat UMMC Jekaterinburg.

The shooting account opened by Quigley Troy, but in the third minute Fenerbahce played for the first time when McCoughtry asserted (6: 5). The six – pointed line was made by the basketball players, at the end of which they were 4.minute Pierson (6:11). In contrast to one point, Matovičová (10:11) dropped again by two minutes later, and the ball of weight on the side of the Turkish club leaned against Bibrzycka 14:13. Fifteen Online sportsko klađenje seconds before the end of the first ten minutes, Krivacevic answered two points (14:15). As of 16:17, the Slovak champion increased the aggressiveness in the defense and the players shot firing from larger distances. In addition to two trojan hits of Bojovičova and Sverisdóttirová, they also recorded two two-point entries after Lacy and Kulichová’s precise interventions. 15 minutes into the game, the scorer was 16:27. The opponent has reduced manko to six points (21:27) and at 18.(25:30), but finally the “angels” kept a seven-point lead (28:35) at the end of the first half.

The second leg was given to the Turkish club, which after the Pondexter reduced to two points (33:35). The same player scored the meeting status (39:39) in the 25th minute and after three minutes lent 46:45 to the side of his team. By the end of the third ten minutes they did not allow their opponents to score and at the end they won 51:45. Kosicans kept the club with their opponent in 33 minutes when Lacy dropped to an acceptable 48:53. Then Fenerbahce scored nine points and in 37 minutes McCoughtry raised to 64:48 hard to reach.Only then did the Pierson penalties (64:50), but that did not change the fact that the “angels” after the overtime 56:68 play “only” third place EL.

Fenerbahce Istanbul (TUR) – Good Angels Košice 68:56 (28:35)
GA: Piersonová 23, Kulichová 10, Quigleyová 5, Bojovičová 3, Kupčíková 0 (Krivačevičová 6, Sverisdóttirová 5, Lacyová 4)
Fenerbahce: Pondexterová 19, McCoughtryová 17, Veramejenková a Matovičová po 10, Vardarliová 3 (Bibrzycká 7, Kublinová 2, Tuncluerová 0) TH: 14 / 11-11 / :

Daniel Jendrichovsky, general manager of Good Angels Košice: “I think we have been in favor of a favorite after a big fight.He decided that our strength was growing as time went by, and we were not able to follow the tactics that came out to us in the first half. We have not yet inspected our closest rival, but we have enough time to do so. There will be two exhausted teams that have something to play for. We have great motivation because bringing klađenje uživo na tenis a medal from Ekaterinburg is a huge plus. “

UMMMC Jekaterinburg (RUS) – Bourges Basket (Fr.
Most points: Parkerova 24, Taurasi 16, Jekabsone 11 – Coleman 13, Dumercova 12

3rd place: Bourges Basket (Fr.) – Good Angels Kosice (SR) (11.30)

Final: Usporedba online kladionica UMMC Jekaterinburg