Extraliga barrage: Will Zilina be saved or will Bardejov manage for the third time?

ŽILINA – It’s a lot, it’s the highest competition. Both participants in the hockey extralige hurdles have a clear goal before it starts. The Zilina and Bardejov teams want to compete among the best clubs of Slovakia in the coming season.

The Zilina did not come out of the main part of the extraliga when out of 56 duels they managed to win only 16 and eventually took the last tenth place. Dangers could have been avoided if they were fighting in the last round on the domestic ice of Poprad.The plan was two-thirds, Žilina, after 40 minutes led 1: 0, but the tight lead did not last and after the 1: 2 loss it ended. p> We are entering the barrage battles with a clear goal – to save the extralig for Zilina and to play among the best in the next season – no one else in the club thinks about any other alternative – all players are healthy, encouraged and determined to succeed. “The hockey players of HC 46 Bardejov won their first place in the championship as the winners of the First League, with whom the Easterners became the third time in a row.

In the final playoff series against Dukla Michalovce triumphed wards coach Jána Vodilu 4: 1 to match.

Exactly one year ago, Bardejov struck the highest competition with Martin. But he did not manage the seventh decisive match on the opponent’s ice, lost after separate raids and again had to play the second highest competition.

“All season we go for our goal – to win the competition and finally advance to the major league. We do not subject all our efforts. Everyone at the club is doing everything to make the third time we finally succeeded.The implementation team and especially the players have my full confidence that we will be able to do this year, “ said the president of the Bardejov club Ladislav Kovalský.

Ján Vodila, the trainer, believes that he will use the experience from last year’s barrage. “Kadder is together like in the last match with Michalovce. We can not count on Boltun, who is a tribal basketball player. Belušár broke his finger in the last match, we will see in what condition he will be in Žilina on Thursday evening. Other players are fine and I think they are well tuned. Many have experienced it a year ago. I think Zilina has a slightly better team than Martin.” commented on the current situation in the Bardejov team coach Vodila.

The first two matches of the four-betting series of the four- The winners are on the program on Thursday, March 20th and 21st in Zilina, and Bardejov will be the third and fourth contestant on Monday (24th March) and Tuesday (25th March).