Cibulkova: I hope honest robot will bring results

MONTERREY – Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulková traveled to Mexico Monterrey for the first time in her 7-week American tour for two days, and it takes longer for her to go.

“We are tr & eacute; nerom Jaroslav Bulantom and physiotherapist Pavol Marynč & aacute; kom pri & scaron; on Saturday, at the local time, the luggage does not say that in the night we are going to be in the mornings and we will be trained. we did not catch the links, because in Parachiati was a & scaron trajk.This vaxacute did not begin to pass but to the scaron, but I take it from the positives of the streets and the famed that its course and the end

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so it’s so scaron tat uautomatic tom international to your program just after a lot of r & yacute; do it with Dubai: “It’s my best to include some other & scaron; big and yacute tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami, and they will make the most of them, even though this event is inspired by the fact that I am very proud of it, I want to play well, to get into the rhythm and to be outdoors. ”

will be playing in Monterrey – just like the countryman Daniel Hantuchov & aacute; – on a card, puts a free card.It’s against Italy’s Roberta Vinci: “I’ve been waiting for you, even though I do not like it, I did not like it, and there was Russia with Anastasia Pavliuchenkov & Aacute, with Vinci and Scaron never having played, but it’s fun; sen & aacute; tennis player and firecracker; gentle and hard-witted, perka. I see if I’ve brought & scaron;

Double & aacute; sobn & aacute; finalist from the main professional & auteur; straight Cibulkov & aacute; is in front of California and Florida full and aacute; “I have a lot of points to defend myself, but if I could manage to play some good, good results, I would say it would be a plus.The Indian Wells tournament is so & yacute; yours & yacute ;, not a thing about this event somehow & eacute; & Uacute; marvel & eacute; memories, it could change. Miami is one of my favorite and best-of-breed tournaments. It is good to know that there is a dock and a playroom there. Then I will be waiting green & aacute; clay in Ponte Vedra Beach and Charlestone. These events are & uacute; & Scaron; Specific & eacute; in the clay. Now I looked at the fin and aacute from Acapulco between Venus Williams and Polona Hercogo, and I realized how to do it; clay after long & acute; bet & oakute; new & acute; “ ” After Dubai, I have come back with a pandemonium – & scaron; it’s a good thing, and I’m sorry. relaxation, I cured.W & scaron, anything for the good. “

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March 1-7: Monterrey (MEX) – Monterrey Open (International, dot & aacute, $ 220,000, hard & yacute; Wells (USA, California) – BNP Paribas Open (Premier, dot & aacute; $ 4.5 million, USD, hard & yacute, outdoors)
March 23 – April 4, Miami (USA, Florida) Sony Ericsson Open (Premier, dot & aacute; $ 4.5 million, USD, hard & yacute, outdoor) dot & aacute; $ 220,000, green & aacute, outdoors)
12. – 18.Charleston (USA, South Carolina, Karol & iacute) – Family Circle Cup (Premier, dot & aacute; $ 700,000, green & aacute, outdoors)
24-25 April: Serbia the area is not yet well-known, it’s probably a bargain, it’s a clay in the hall in Belehrade) – The Gathering of Women’s Representatives & Women’s Cooperatives – part of the World Group I 2011