Bolta sees everywhere and wants to beat him. I want to dominate, said Gatlin

Playlist images and images help the American fast-tracker to keep his eye on the main goal of the year – to take off the throne of the Sprinter King. “I see him everywhere,” Gatlin nodded. “I walk and suddenly his face jumps up. I do not have to imagine him, I see him all the time. And I have to be ready for our meeting. “

The first one really should be at the end of August in the Bird’s Nest.Unfortunately for their athletics, their racing program will not be raced before the race.

But Gatlin has already called his Jamaican pre-champion for a pre-championship race, designed a 200 meter track and even came up with a proposal for a seat – they could meet in Paris. “It would be an amazing race I am for,” said the American for ESPN, and compared the duel with Boxer’s Mayweather Pacquiao.

“It would only be more attractive and unfortunately for less money.”

But the managers of both athletes would hardly have reached such a step, besides form, they need to be pampered and self-confident. Even then, maybe in Beijing he decides to win.

Last year’s Gatlin performances entitle him to the idea of ​​taking the first place among the sprinters.At that time, the former Olympic champion ruled the Bolt style track – he won all the eighteen individual races, fifteen of them in the shortest sprint. And, in addition to the fastest time on the hundreds (9.77), he added 19.68 seconds to the two-hundreds.

There are amazing results, with only one little question mark – with Bol not met in the season. Jamaican world record holder underwent rehab and retired because he missed the big athletic season.

But this year is different, and slowly begins to swing around Olympic ambitions, and Gatlin announces, “I’m ready. I feel fit. I feel ready to go.I am ready to stand up to any challenger. “The thirty-year-old American, who, following the doping testosterone test, has responded to a four-year ban on starting, again shows the appetite and quick legs. It has recently been part of the US Relay Championship that has won the relay in the Bahamas and is also one of the few to beat Bolta. Two years ago, in Rome, he was pushing his target a fraction of a second earlier.

“I think about 9.7 seconds, maybe 9.6 seconds,” he said. “But I just do not want to win and beat my opponent in the runway. I want to dominate with fast times. “