Bohemians received a fine of 350 thousand crowns for the frozen field

The Disciplinary Commission of the League of Football Association (LFA) punished Bohemians Praha 1905 with a fine of 350,000 crowns for unprepared playground for a Saturday match against Pilsen. The league 16th Duel had to be postponed due to the frozen surface. The team at Vršovický team was also threatened by the contamination, but the commission did not.

“The failure to play the match has had a major impact on the regularity of the competition, and the Disciplinary Commission concluded that the club had a gross underestimation. The club of the highest football competition can not commit such negligence, “said committee chairman Richard Baček.

Higher fines have so far been commissioned only for really serious misconduct in the organizing role, for pronounced disturbances of fans or for not joining game.Ten times the fine has been over half a million, the record is a six-million-dollar fine for the Bohemians Praha club in Bohemians.

Bohemians 1905 has to pay 50 thousand crowns for their fans throwing objects on the playing field in the matches with Slavs Karvina. Karvina was fined 60,000 crowns due to shortcomings in its organizing service.

Even 120,000 crowns have to pay for Slavia’s fans. Dukla received a fine of 80,000 crowns for the organizing service in a duel with Slavi.

Using fireworks, the commission punished both fans of Adam Elefant and David Vyskočil. Both are both members of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, falling under its influence.Both used pyrotechnics at Slavia – Mladá Boleslav and the commission forbidding them to enter all the stadiums of the first and second leagues for half a year and also stopped them from taking part in four competition games. Of the audience has committed a disciplinary offense of using the flare.With the age of the offenders under the age of eighteen, we consider the punishment to be adequate, and we want to send a signal that even fans can not be impunity for such behavior and that sentences may be more severe ” I> Bachek said.

The one-time penalty for the yellow card is played by Jihlava Antonin Rosa, Tomas Majtan from Pribram, Michael Ngadeu from Slavia and Marek Hanousek from Dukla.