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Alkmaar after a decent gonna hit can not be satisfied with the current form in the last four matches and have not won even once with his ambitions to advance to Phase EL spring it does not look quite the best. In the previous two duels won only one point and the score of 1: 6 is in third position just before the Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv, which lost both matches. AZ will be considered the favorite, but in case of failure the situation even more complicated.

Dutch selection in the domestic competition in fifth position with sixteen points in the last three league duels only tied and the leaders Feyenoord loses its already formidable eleven points. In the group stage EL clearly directed first match with the Irish Dundalk and long lead, but eventually had to settle for a draw 1: 1st Then he went to a soil highly favored Zenit St. Petersburg suffered a huge debacle 0: 5th

“At the moment it is not the best season but is still very long and we can save the day. The role of the favorite against Maccabi respect, on the other hand, we see his great quality. We would like to have before the final matches in the group situation in their hands and we need both cases to win. the opponent threatened mainly from quick counterattacks and dangerous are the standard situation, “said AZ coach John van den Brom.

Israel’s choice of experiencing a bit unlucky course, a lot with him shudder defeat to Zenit. Maccabi is still fifteen minutes before the end of the lead 3: 0, but then he met a huge collapse and the result was defeat 3: 4th Subsequently mishandled the role of favorite to land the Irish Dundalk (0: 1), though he could not cope with great determination opponent.

In the league after six rounds played in the first position with sixteen points. Now he needed to transfer good form and Alkmaar.

The match could have a special charge for Tel Aviv midfielder Haris Medunjanin, who started his professional career was in Alkmaar. Guests will also have to cope with a lot of far-trip that is longer than 3,300 kilometers. “We have to compare thoughts and again to get ready for one hundred percent. I’m sure that we are going the right way, at the moment, missing only better. Wins against Maccabi are a priority for us,” he said with clear plans padesátiletý van den Brom.

Slovenská hokejová reprezentace do 20 let v úvodu listopadu absolvuje generálku na mistrovství světa. Pod vedením trenéra Ernesta Bokroš se mladí Slováci představí na Turnaji čtyř zemí v Lillehammeru, kde jejich soupeři budou postupně vrstevníci ze Švýcarska, domácího Norska a Německa. V týmu ČR figurují i ​​legionáři. “Chceme porovnat jejich ukazatele s výkonností hráčů, které máme v projektu a pracujeme s nimi každý den. Utvoříme si tak obraz o adeptů, kteří mohou reálně promluvit do konečné nominace na mistrovství světa, které se uskuteční o necelé dva měsíce. Řeknu to na rovinu – chceme tento turnaj vyhrát!

” řekl trenér Ernest Bokroš.

Informace přinesl oficiální web Slovenského svazu ledního hokeje (SZLH).

Nominace slovenské hokejové reprezentace do 20 let na tréninkový kemp do Piešťan a Turnaj čtyř zemí v norském Lillehammeru:
Boris marjanko, Roman Durný, Mário Grman, Samuel Hain, Marek Hecl, Oliver Košecký, Matej Murín, Oliver Pataky, Denis Pätoprstý, Boris Sádecký, Marek Svoboda, Lukáš Žák (všichni HK Orange 20), Martin Andrisík, Alex Tamas (oba HC ’05 Banská Bystrica), Matej Pokorný (HC Slovan Bratislava / KHL), Andrej Hatala (Dukla Trenčín), Michal Roman, Miloš Roman (oba sázet na Betathome HC Oceláři Třinec / ČR), Roman Žitný (KooKoo Hockey / Fin.), Martin Bodák ( Tappara Tampere / Fin.), Filip Lešťan (HC 71 / Švéd.), Martin Fehérváry (Malmö Redhawks / Švéd.).

With a slight exaggeration, we can say that every performance Dundalk Europa League is one of the most outstanding achievements of the Irish team at the Cup field, but in the case of arrival Zenit St.

Petersburg’s doubly true.

Probably the biggest surprise of the current edition of the European League will be another challenge, compounded by a series of injuries. Manager Stephen Kenny declassified that a match played in Dublin will not start Stephen O’Donnell and a question mark hangs over the start also John Mountneyho whose troubled by a bad back. “We’ve got about four or five players whose status is uncertain, so we’ll see how it will be.”

Despite the absences, however, said Dundalk in the domestic league and confidently wins his side will also motivation because games like this do not come Thursday so. “It’s really something incredible to be in such a position, the Irish found a whole. We know what has Zenit St. Petersburg tremendous tradition and that this competition and winning while we’re at this level, we all have a history,” coach Kenny compares incomparable. “But even more to look forward to it, it is a unique event for us.”

“All my players are excited to get in, it will be an outstanding evening for the entire Irish football,” said coach Dundalk, who introduced the group stage uhrál unexpected victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv, as well as a surprising draw against AZ Alkmaar. Rewards for these achievements point absolutely overwhelmingly outweigh any domestic achievements – reporter Ewan Mackenna even calculated that only for the preliminary rounds and win over Maccabi Dundalk has earned a sum equal to bonuses for continuous defense of the league title until the year 2044!

In the meantime, the domestic competition Dundalk meet one win away from third title in a row and coach Kenny believes that good results in recent weeks, will be signed on Thursday quality performance. “We are experiencing a fantastic ride and the players were savoring every moment. Our opponents respect, but we believe in our own ability. And nothing will change even against Zenit.”

“Zenit is of course in Europe, a completely different sound, after all, was the countless times in the Champions League,” said defender Andy Boyle. “We know that we will have a challenging task, but we’re prepared.”

Vain yksi kolmesta Tsekin edustajat Euroopan jalkapalloliigan kaksintaistelut nykypäivän kolmannen kierroksen ryhmissä suosikki. Plzen by kotiin kotiin tietenkään vedonlyönnin ei ollut ongelmia Astra Giurgiu. Vedonlyönnin kuitenkin antaa joitakin mahdollisuuksia jäljellä kaksi ristiä. Kuten Sparta Beer Israelissa Medical Center ja Liberec alla Ještěd vaikeassa kaksintaisteluun Fiorentina.

“Musta torstai se ei”, sanoo Peter Urbanec, jalkapallo vedonvälittäjä Tipsport. “Sparta herää ja Israelin Hapoel Beer Sheva on kilpailija, jolla se voidaan mitata. Siksi on kursseja ottelun niin kaukana toisistaan ja Sparta Israelille ulkopuolisena ei tule “Urbanec sanoo.

Korkeimmat Todennäköisyys voittaa Tsekin seuran tuo oli noin 1,4: 1 Plzeň. Että lausunnon vedonlyönnin ja vedonlyöjien yhteisö pitkälti tyhjäksi Romanian Astra Giurgiu Betsafe. “Kerroin voittaa Pilsen Me jopa laski kymmenyksen, vedonvälittäjät kiinnostus on valtava. On Victorians laittaa yli puoli miljoonaa “, sanoo Urbanec. Päinvastoin, Romanian seuran Voittajalle vain 1 prosentti Betsafe Predictor tähän kaksintaisteluun.

Useimmille pelaajat Liberec ottelussa Fiorentina Italian jalkapalloliiton täyttäminen unelma. “Trpišovský Pojat ovat ulkopuolisia, mutta vastaan tunnettu vastustajia ei ole mitään menetettävää. Lisäksi italialaiset ovat tunnettuja itseluottamustaan raja aliarvioi vastustaja “, hän antaa vedonvälittäjä Betsafe kertoimet Slovan [more:]. Hyvä esimerkki voi olla Sparta Praha, joka muutama viikko sitten Letnan estetty Inter Milan tulos 3: 1 (kertoimet voittaa Sparta oli noin 3: 1). Piirrä 1: 1 päättyneeltä toinen konflikti Tsekin ja Italian jalkapallon Pilsen (solmion AS Roma panostetaan kurssia 3,5: 1, eli samanlaisia, joka on listattu tie Liberec).

Spanish police today released nine Legia Warsaw fans who were arrested ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League football match in Madrid. But still retains their passports, to investigate the case, none of them should return to Poland. Warsaw club officials fear that due to recurring incidents by UEFA to the Legion of Europe’s most prestigious club competition excluded.

Two fans detained are suspected of violent assault. The seven remaining before Tuesday’s duel that ended in victory home team a 5: 1 were near the stadium Santiago Bernabéua into conflict with the police.

Social networks have already discovered the video spree “ultras” Legion confirmed. Several police officers suffered minor injuries.

UEFA did not write yet
“Even before the match with Real, we had information that in the event of another infraction, we could be excluded from European competitions,” said Legion spokesman Seweryn Dmowski. “While we have received from UEFA’s no official letter, but according to its delegates could happen could,” he added.

UEFA recently punished by closing the Polish Champion Stadium in attractive rematch with Real for the violence and racism of fans when the initial domestic duel in the group with Dortmund. In addition, the club fined 80,000 euros (2.2 million dollars).

In front of empty grandstands they had footballers Legion for the past three years to play three times, each time in a European league. The main phase of the Champions League this year was the first Polish unit after 20 years, after three defeats are but the latest in group F with a score of 1:13.

24Footballers of Bulgaria’s top event last shined in 1994, where the world championship in the USA reached on an excellent fourth place. Since then, the final tournament to qualify only three times and has always fallen at the group stage. Last competed at the European Championships in 2004, now definitely want to interrupt his fourteen year wait. Do this cycle will enter the domestic duel with Luxembourg.

Bulgaria will be considered a clear favorite, on the other hand, it’s as simple duel may not wait. MS was last qualified in 1998 in France, it has since been nearly twenty years. Domestic selection in the previous qualifying disappointed not to proceed occupied until the fourth position and in addition won only eleven points. For the third Norway fell by a whopping eight points, now has a decidedly bigger goals.

Since 2015 the team has Ivajlo Petev and he realizes the importance of the first match. “Luxembourg is not an easy opponent, but if we want Russia to qualify, so we must absolutely win. We were placed in a very difficult group in the competition, the Netherlands and France are not considered favorites. Additionally facing us and Sweden, we await us therefore a great job “said Petev with great respect.

His choice of friendly matches, for example, was able to defeat Portugal (1: 0) and Macedonia (2: 0), but at the beginning of June suffered a huge debacle 2: 7 from Japan, then clearly lost in Denmark (0: 4). “We have worked on certain things and we want to be competitive. Our opponent Tuesday will be based on a good defensive and tries to threaten a fast counterattacks, so we must be patient,” he added Petev.

Guests in qualifying for EURO 2016 in France gained four points for a draw with Belarus (1: 1) and win over Macedonia (1: 0). Has now lost five games in a row, after beating Greece are insufficient to Portugal, Bosnia, Albania, Nigeria and a few days ago or Latvia. The two teams together in a competitive duel last competed in qualifying for EURO 2008, when Bulgaria won both the 1: 0 and 3: 0th Even now it is considered a clear favorite.

23unidad bielorruso espera revisión fundamental en el inicio de su ciclo de clasificación. En el primer juego que es, de hecho, va a visitar el finalista de la pasada Eurocopa, Francia. Un equipo lleno de estrellas, pero ha sido tradicionalmente el papel de las dificultades favoritos.

Bastante afilada de salida esperando para la representación de Belarús. Equipo de ser invitado, porque las estrellas se Bet365 bono cobrará un grupo de Francia. Les Bleus todavía están preocupados por el último fracaso debido a la final del campeonato nacional fue para ellos sólo un poco. El primer lugar no seguro incluso en la forma de jugar a Antoine Griezmann, que anotó seis veces y logró inscribir a sólo confirmó que su rendimiento está en constante crecimiento.

Aunque los franceses contra los portugueses se sienten emocionados y han llegado a cerca del primer puesto, pero alternando Eder en 109 minutos, y finalmente decidimos el equipo local dejó sólo los ojos para llorar. Mucho después de que los franceses estaban Bet365 viendo un enorme decepción y la amargura de la derrota. El equipo para ponerse en forma de nuevo después de las vacaciones de verano juega, se aprovechó de Francia insta a Italia a un partido amistoso.

Y en ella un poco de humor mienda. Marcados matriculados Anthony Martial, Olivier Giroud e incluso bek Layvin Kurzawa, que se ajustó a final de 3: 1 para los visitantes. Por otra parte, Francia, una vez más presentó un rápido movimiento, combinaciones llamativas y ciertas defensas. En el ataque, pero todavía carecía de un objetivo a largo plazo de las críticas de los medios, el Real Madrid Karim Benzema tirador. Debido al escándalo, perdió su amigo Euro y sin embargo es castigado continuar.

Pero esto no parece apropiado para el Presidente de la Unión Francesa. El presidente Noel Le Graet Bet365 atacante ofrece una segunda oportunidad: “No me gusta cuando alguien debe recibir una suspensión de por vida En un momento en que estamos seguros de que todas las conclusiones forenses se llevan a cabo, no veo ninguna razón por Karim podría volver a representar a su país Él.. euro se perdió, eso es algo. Cuando todo está resuelto, entonces y sólo entonces técnico Deschamps será capaz de tener en cuenta “, dijo Le Graet.

Real Madrid tirador se lesiona en la actualidad y, por tanto, no aspira por su club matriz. Pero por lo demás tiene en su haber 27 goles ya en la Bet365 representación de la opinión pública francesa y la calidad de su consciente. Belarús pero todavía definitivamente no pone en peligro, mucho más placas Anthony Martial. Blockbuster Manchester United anotó contra Italia en su primer gol con la selección nacional en trece aperturas y quiere añadir más.

Francia, mucho depende de la habilidad en la lucha llegó la mejor manera posible. De hecho, es Bet365 bastante complicado grupo, que es una vuelta a los compite élite y los Países Bajos. También está en la lista del procedimiento de asilo en Suecia y fácil ni va a debutar partido contra el forastero. El entrenador Deschamps, pero pueden contar con jugadores como Paul Pogba, Dimitri Payet o Antoine Griezmann.

Bielorrusos Euro perdió una sola prueba para ellos era duelo amistoso con Noruega. Desde Oslo bielorrusos volver como ganadores y de buen humor, que quieren construir en contra del favorito. La ventaja de ellos será entorno del hogar Borisov Arena en la misma ciudad. En cuatro duelos jugados previamente con los bielorrusos Bet365 conseguido un empate y una victoria sobre Francia. Francia anotó 8 goles a su oponente, que está a sólo tres más que se las arreglaron para anotar su rival Bielorrusia.

Una vez en un mundial de fútbol bielorruso, mientras que puede ser un jugador con talento que es capaz de hacer cumplir un nivel más alto. La última vez fue Alexander Hleb, que, sin embargo, la representación terminó. Su lugar ahora quiere reclamar el niño Nikita Korzun. Belarús está a la espera de una mayor Bet365 participación en el torneo desde su independencia, por lo que quiere romper finalmente a través.

22Slavisa won in the 10th round of Premier League 3: 0 in Hradec Kralove and extended their winning streak to four games. Moreover, 362 minutes neinkasovali. Slavia took the lead thanks to Milan Damage decision then came within three minutes of the second half, when he pushed through Jaromir Zmrhal and Antonin Barak. Hradec came out and return to their own stadium, which at the beginning of the season through reconstruction.

“I am happy with this result. During the ceremonial pause we had eight players out of, some arrived only yesterday. It was a kind of preparation I’d imagined. The result speaks for itself. The struggle we approached responsibly,” enjoyed Slavia coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Hradec slightly reconstructed its an old arena, returned from their temporary home in Mlada Boleslav and immediately welcomed attractive opponent. Right from the beginning was to see who is the favorite. Was active mainly representative Zmrhal.

They had a good chance at the beginning Mingazov, Skoda, Hušbauer, not one but missed the gate. Hradec was from the beginning diffident and too cautious. Paradoxically, at a time when it rose slightly, helped lead a huge mistake to Slavia stopper Chleboun. In 24 minutes procrastinated record keeper Ottmar, got in front of him emphatic pity that after Ottmar draped handy bend.

Just one minute passed and Chleboun partly atoned for his mistake. From the empty goal kicked Barak’s shot prevented a certain goal. “When my mistake I first wanted to kick, but I decided to give the ball the goalkeeper. I had to grab into the car, put the ball somewhere. It was an awful feeling, even though I have a moment then prevented a certain goal. Until then, we did not play much of anything, plus we get such a goal, “regretted Chleboun.

Hradec then revealed that his current relatively good performance after returning to the league are not random. But in the end he was not adopted. Yet very decent position should, for example, Polom, but after a free-kick headed over.

The second half began superzákrokem Hradec Kralove goalkeeper Ottmar when Frydrychová clear opportunities. Then he probably the most distinctive home option when fired from seventeen meters Vlkanova, but his shot at the rod Pavlenko started.

The key moments came after about twenty minutes before the end. In 72 minutes in the penalty area individually pushed Hušbauer and exact center Zmrhal found that increased to 2: 0th

“The second goal was very important for us. We missed a lot had been hasty,” he said after the match Josef Hušbauer. “Now more confident, which is reflected in recent matches. Results, it’s about something else. We found a face, still play in the same unit, which is also beneficial. But now it is important to keep it,” he added.

Two minutes later a shot from the left side pushed handy Barak, who shot to the front bar startled goalkeeper Ottmar. At that moment there was a clear winner.

“We wanted to Slavia torment much more. About half we said that this can not go on, it must be a war we have to fight for every meter of ground. The performance was better, but then gave Slavia in quick succession two goals and it was decided , “commented coach Milan Hradec Frimmel.

Switzerland Soccer Uefa Champions League DrawAfter the ceremonial pause Offers Weekend exchange the English top league also one of the London derby, which is in the form of playing Crystal Palace tries to deepen the misery of visiting Hammers.

Alan Pardew’s charges once again came to life. After a disastrous second half of last year and lukewarm entry into the new Eagles are suddenly in a situation where they can cope in the event of a tie the cord in his best performance ever for the highest competition had. Spotting them had to do and Christian Benteke, who in his new home said meanwhile enormously – it seems that this investment really worth the whole club.

That West Ham still could not find last year’s lightness. Rise did not occur even in the last round against Middlesbrough when he had at least division points rescuing fabulous individual goal Dimitri Payet. Neither point from the previous games, but the fact remains that it is the worst Hammers entry into the league since 1988.

Crystal Palace would be an Slaven Bilic team could catch him – the last two visits had turned out for the whole of east London in triumph, in addition Kladivářům records and poor domestic form to derive from London – from the last possible 33 Crystal Palace is mined only 8 points. And in the last four mutual matches of course only one walked away with three points in the bag.

Clash of these teams should in any case have to bring some of those goals, since neither one is not among the champions in defensive tactics. While guests can “boast” unflattering title of the worst defense in the competition home to change their goalkeeper twelve matches displeased net account.

As for absenteeism is concerned, Alan Pardew will have to dig into the defense as to the long-term marodům as Remy and Souarého added the center-back Scott Dann, which excludes games of muscle problems. West Ham affair is larger then after all, already available, although finally be Aaron Creswell and his injuries also overpowered Havard Nordtveidt, out of the game but still six in the form of Andy Carroll and Ayew, Sam Byram, Diafry Sakha, Arthur Masuakua and Gokhan Tore

Lionel MessiPor um longo tempo, mais ou menos implorou Bob Bradley na mídia sobre o envolvimento na liga de elite e lamentou a falta de oportunidades para técnicos americanos quando ele finalmente fez até os proprietários-compatriotas na vanguarda do galês Swansea. E o primeiro grande desafio de Bradley, ao mesmo tempo chutando um desafio em si mesmo – um duelo com Arsène Wenger, que antes de pausa representacional comemorou 20 anos no Arsenal …

Quando Bob Bradley, em 1998, tornou-se o primeiro treinador do Chicago Fire, Arsene Wenger em apenas seu Bet365( ano em Highbury ele comemorou a dobradinha. Desde então, o ex-treinador da equipe nacional dos EUA conseguiu apenas nove postos de trabalho em cinco países e em três continentes, para ancorar na Premier League.

-se Arsene Wenger avisou antes do jogo que até mesmo o primeiro gerente americano na Premier League Bob Bradley Eles não são qualquer novato, e é realmente algo. Le Havre no ano passado quase levou depois de muitos anos atrás entre a elite francesa e da Noruega Stabaek sensacionalmente empurrado para a Taça da Europa para si mesmo decidiu, posteriormente, não para colher fruta doce.

Pai meio-campista Michael Bradley tem enquanto em Swansea algo para construir sobre quando Galês é, provavelmente, os Gunners menos adversários favoritos em anos recentes. Laudrup, Monk e Guidolin – em todo os resultados de outra forma embaraçosas na liderança Swan obteve uma vitória valiosa no Emirates Stadium e especialista americano sobre eles agora irá tentar estabelecer.

Irá fazê-lo sem Jefferson Montero, que tem um Sportingbet problema nos gémeos, mas Fernando Llorenteho que por causa de problemas com seu joelho e costelas também não treinou plenamente. Mesmo sem uma chance teórica Tenho sido um longo tempo Nathan Dyer, enquanto o defesa-central Federico Fernandez sacudiu-se fora do problema com a virilha.

Arsene Wenger à frente do encontro de sábado não nemlžil sem cerimônia e confirmou a ausência da dupla Giroud – Ramsey para iniciar o contrário, Francis Coquelin admitiu que ele está trabalhando depois de duas partidas com um joelho disponível novamente. Gunners ao mesmo tempo durante uma pausa em uníssono representante aliviado quando a lesão no tornozelo Bellerínova provou ser trivial.